Why Is a Custom Fabricated Beam Different?

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Large construction sites for new office buildings or commercial centers will often feature large steel beams being hoisted and welded to create the structure’s backbone. Given that it comprises much of the infrastructure’s stability and strength, custom-fabricated structural steel beams must be of the highest quality so as not to compromise the integrity of a building. 

The right steel beam company near you can help ensure the safety standards and quality of your next building project by providing strong, detailed, custom structural beams. Here’s a short guide to what makes a custom fabricated beam different and why it’s the best option for your construction project.

All About Custom Fabricated Steel Beams

There are steel beams that come as-is for standard projects, and then there are custom-fabricated beams that welders create for the unique requirements of a single project. The metal fabricator will base the custom manufacturing of the steel beam on the blueprints and other engineering diagrams provided. Given these specifications, the fabricator will fashion the beams accordingly and create them using the proper tools and technology to warp the beams to match the engineers’ precise requirements.

Custom-fabricated beams are ideal for structures with specific needs and demanding requirements, including complex and exotic architectural designs. The flexibility that these types of steel beams provide also makes stronger structural reinforcements possible, which is great for more intricate designs!

One great example of a custom-fabricated structural steel beam is the castellated beam. These are steel beams with unusual looking holes and are typically seen in large structures, like older bridges. These are manufactured by cutting beams in zig-zag patterns and then welding the two sections back together, creating a beam that is 50% taller and 40% stronger. 

Castellated beams are ideal for the construction requirements of multi-level parking decks to reduce the need for more structural columns and long-span composite floor beams, which allow greater flexibility in running mechanical systems. 

When to Use Custom-Fabricated Steel Beams

Aside from creating aesthetically-interesting structures, custom-fabricated steel beams can also be applied in especially useful ways. They can conserve space and create more environmentally friendly buildings with better airflow. They’re flexible and can be used for both residential and commercial buildings or even greater projects—such as in museums!

Custom-fabricated steel beams can also be used for ornamental rails, arched roof trusses, curved beam guide rails, and even more challenging custom projects. The right team of welders can produce impressive results with these steel beams—all it takes is an experienced engineer, a good set of plans, and the right steel supplying partners!

Differences Between Custom Fabricated and Standard Rolled Beams

Steel beam manufacturers follow a certain universal standard when producing beams for typical construction projects, and these traditional beams come in various sizes according to standard dimensions. Called standard rolled beams, engineers use them for applications that don’t require unique specifications to fulfill structural needs. 

Custom metal fabrication has several advantages over standard rolled beams, especially if your construction project’s steel structures are an integral component of its architectural appeal. There’s a particular level of craftsmanship involved—and the security that custom-made steel beams will fit your project requirements with a level of precision that you can’t get with a one-size-fits-all standard beam. 


While standard rolled beams might seem like the more practical solution to your building needs, custom-fabricated steel provides precision, flexibility, and creativity like no other steel structure can. To successfully mount a building or structure using custom-fabricated steel beams, you need precise blueprints and a skilled steel manufacturer. Choosing the right supplier for welded sections of your construction requirements can make or break your project, which then contributes to your building’s overall success!

Here at C-Beams, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative steel structural solutions and products for your needs. We supply fabricated welded sections in various shapes and sizes for unique construction requirements and manufacturing applications. If you’re looking for castellated beam suppliers near you, then contact us today—we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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