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C-BEAMS is proud to supply innovative structural solutions and products. C-BEAMS is dedicated to marketing, design assistance, product manufacturing and project management services. C-BEAMS supplies fabricated structural welded sections of varying shapes and sizes used in many types of construction and manufacturing applications. These shapes are fabricated from steel wide flange beams or plate sections.

The C-BEAMS approach is to connect with clients early, assist with designs, provide budgets, supply sections, ship according to client schedules and assure deliveries at committed budget prices. Our roster of well satisfied clients and collaborators includes architects, engineers, fabricators, owners and manufacturers. Clients routinely connect with us during their conceptual planning process. The ensuing collaboration enables client’s abilities to leverage our experiences and helps avoid unnecessary project risks by working with experienced C-BEAMS staff members. To learn more, contact the C-BEAMS team by phone or email.

We have now constructed two steel parking decks using “Cellular Beams” technology. The Town of Ayrsley is a high density mixed-use development where parking resources are utilized on a 24-hour basis. As such, we put as much thought into the design of our parking decks as we did to our buildings and outdoor spaces. We chose a galvanized castellated beam design for our parking decks because we knew it would make them safe, attractive and cost efficient to build and operate.
Charley Hodges, President and CEO at New Forum Incorporated

Ayrsley Parking Garage Charlotte, NC 2018

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