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Free downloadable version of C-BEAM design software available.

RAM SBeam is a powerful and versatile program for the design of castellated and cellular steel beams. Using one of several design codes, RAM SBeam can select the optimum size or check the adequacy of existing construction, as well as provide design parameter ranges to allow freedom for the fabricator to determine a cutting pattern that eliminates unnecessary web hole infills.


Design Program Features

  • Composite C-BEAM design and investigation
  • Non-Composite design and investigation
  • Braced or Unbraced compression flange
  • English, SI, and Metric Units
  • Beam Self-Weight Automatically Included
  • Uniform, Non-Uniform, Trapezoidal, and Concentrated Loadings
  • Load Diagrams
  • Shear, Moment, and Deflections Diagrams
  • User control of design criteria and parameters by providing design ranges
  • Ability to Specify hole fills and report impact analysis
  • Castellated or cellular design
  • ASD or LRFD Design

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