Why Cellular and Castellated Beams are Perfect for Long-Span Construction

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Many architects and other industry professionals agree that castellated beams are a great solution for long-span commercial building construction. However, this leaves the question: exactly which types of buildings are these beams most useful in constructing?

Generally speaking, there are at least six common categories of buildings that benefit the most from castellated beams. These include schools, industrial facilities, hospitals, parking garages, office buildings, and warehouses.
At first glance, these may seem like very different kinds of structures. However, they all share certain things in common. For instance, they are all larger structures, which is part of why the long-span friendly castellated beams are a natural choice.

Additionally, many of these building types must satisfy tight budgets needed in support of private and public commercial building construction projects. Anytime structures are dependent on taxpayer or commercial dollars, everyone involved has a vested interest in assuring the costs are reduced and satisfy the budget requirements. Castellated beams make for a great low-cost solution, and that’s enough to make any project manager smile.

Of course, cost and construction aren’t everything. What about aesthetics? The pleasing versatility and flexibility of castellated beams means that the design of the building’s structure doesn’t have to come at the expense of looking good. By offering both aesthetics and value, castellated beams essentially offer extra “bang for their buck” in terms of construction.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about castellated beams is that we are still discovering new building applications possible due to their attributes. And while these are the buildings that are currently ideal for castellated beams, we’re confident that even more projects including castellated beams are right around the corner!

Car Dealerships

In addition to the list of ideal buildings for c-beams we mentioned earlier, there is one more type of building that we wanted to add: car dealerships.

With a car dealership, space is quite literally money. The more room you have, the more cars you sell, and the more profit that you make!

Those long spans of c-beams are great at creating large structures such as car dealerships. A great recent example of this is the new Audi car dealership in Fort Washington, PA. With the help of c-beams, they were able to create this dealership from the ground up in absolutely record time.

The reason for this is that c-beams manage to be both light and strong at the same time. You can create breathtakingly large structures, with architecturally exposed castellated beams, without having to worry about the structural integrity. At the same time, the light weight of the c-beams means that you can complete even the largest undertaking not only on time, but with time to spare.

With all of their resources and wisdom, the Ft Washington Audi design team could have chosen any kinds of materials or techniques they wanted to create their new dealership. The fact that they chose c-beams goes to show what we have been saying all along: that this is the first choice for any business who wants to get their commercial building construction project started off right.

Availability of C Beams and the Support Network in Place

We’ve been speaking highly of the many benefits of c-beams and the many projects they can help you complete. However, it’s worth answering a more fundamental question: what is c-beam availability like, and how easy is it to order them?

To answer these questions, we are happy to report that you can buy as many c-beams as you’d like and ordering them has never been easier. Companies like C-Beams in Charlotte, NC make it easy to order the materials you need online, offline, or over the phone.

However, there’s another potential issue: maybe all of this sounds good, but you’re nervous about getting started. After all, if you’ve never worked with c-beams before, it may feel intimidating to go from “zero to sixty” in the span of a single project.

Fortunately, there is a vast c-beam support network that you can tap into. Here at C-Beams we offer the kind of personal touch you’d expect from a hometown manufacturer, and the high volume and fast service you expect from leaders within the steel construction industry.

If you have questions or are simply feeling nervous, we encourage you to reach out via e-mail or phone. And don’t forget to check out our vast library of technical and design resources. After all, when it comes down to it, you become another valued selector or purchaser of C-Beams!

AISC Design Guide 31

As a consumer, you want something simple from every major purchase you make: peace of mind. No one wants to find out a product they bought is defective or incompatible with their needs, especially when time is critical.
For major construction projects, this concept is more important than ever. When you order things like castellated and cellular beams, you want to make sure that everything is of the highest possible quality. Otherwise, your project timeline could be seriously jeopardized!

Fortunately, we’ve got some good news: all of the castellated and cellular beams that we sell are listed within the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Design Guide 31.

This design guide was created to make sure that every aspect of these beams (from their construction all the way to the design software that helps you plan future buildings) is uniform and high quality.

If you don’t know, this design guide is the industry guideline for everything having to do with castellated and cellular beams. By fully complying with this guide in everything we create, we ensure that you never have to worry about the quality or reliability of the products that you purchase from us.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how castellated beams and cellular beams can be a major game-changer when it comes to commercial building construction. But do you know where you can find all the information and products necessary for your next major product?

Here at C-Beams, we are proud to be the premiere source for both information about the commercial building construction projects involving these beams and access to the beams themselves. No matter how small or large the scope of your project, we have all the beams necessary to bring it to life.

Ultimately, these beams are part of the future of construction. If you want to take your business into the 21st century and beyond, then you need c-beams. And if you need c-beams, then we are the first and only stop you’ll need to make!

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