C Beams Cost and Value Advantages Compared to Rolled Wide Flange Beams

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When it comes to construction, every dollar matters. And making the right choices about materials can end up saving your company thousands of dollars! One example of this is the veflange beams isn’t the most efficient and cost-effective choice. c beams advantages wide flanged beamsCastellated beams, however, are a way to save money and enjoy several other advantages.Wondering how C beams can change how you do business? Keep reading to discover our complete guide to the advantages of C-beams!

Mill Material Savings

We discussed how using C beams instead of rolled wide flange beams can save you money. In fact, the cost savings start from the moment you decide to use C Beams.

Designing with C beams and their unique web holes, instead of wide flange beams, often generates material savings of up to 25%.  These types savings reduce the costs of each and every C Beams designed into your projects.

At the same time, the design attributes of C beams mean you can create the structures using fewer overall pieces.  At the end of the day, you have to buy fewer pieces, and the ones that you do buy costs less.

Longer Is Better

The web holes aren’t the only “ace” that C beams are holding. It also comes down to the length span of the beams themselves.

It’s possible to customize the exact length that you need for your structure. And C beams are able to provide the strength and durability you need across very long spans of material.

These additional design features further helps to reduce the number of beams that you need to complete a project. You get superior strength-to-weight ratios through the entire structure while also saving time on every construction project.

Time Is Money

So far, we have focused on how using C beams instead of wide flange beams can save on materials costs. However, it can also save you ample amounts of time as well.

First, using fewer beams saves times at multiple points of a construction project. For example, you will need to move fewer pieces, and that means renting a crane for shorter periods of time.

Second, C beams are much lighter than wide flanged beams. This means that you should be able to complete construction projects well ahead of schedule. And, of course, this means you’ll most likely be bringing in building revenue faster.

Finally, camber is built directly into the C beams. With wide flanged beams, it takes additional time and money to build camber into the beam.

C beams offer you significant savings up front and then shave a good amount of time from the overall project. That’s what makes these beams a dream material: since we all know that time is money, beams that save you time and money are putting that much more cash right back into your wallet!

Environmental Impact

Up to this point, we have focused on the “short game” of saving time and money. However, C beams also help you focus on the long game of savings as well!

Here’s an example: C beams means you will be using fewer beams for every single construction project. In addition to the benefits we have already outlined, this also means you will be reducing your material consumption and lessening any negative impact on the environment.

This represents a PR opportunity for you and your company. You can present your materials choice as a choice that also helps the environment. This added element of social responsibility may help you win over customers who had previously overlooked your business.

At the same time, environmental laws are always changing. If you rely on wide flanged beams that increase material consumption, you might be negatively affected by future environmental laws and regulations. However, C beams let you go greener while saving money, and you’ll also be ahead of the game of any changing regulations.

Aesthetic Value

It may sound shallow, but here’s one of our favorite advantages that C beams have over wide flanged beams: they just look better!

C beams help save you money thanks to their very unique design. But that unique design also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your structures.

First, you won’t have to make the buildings as tall. You can create shallower floor-to-floor heights that customers will find accessible and aesthetic.

Second, those web holes are visually pleasing. They add a touch of modern design to every single beam. And embracing more modern design gives you a chance to make your competition look instantly outdated.

Finally, you get more design versatility with C beams. You can create the kinds of designs that were downright impossible with wide flanged beams, giving you a chance to really blend form and function into a single amazing structure.

The Strength You Deserve

Most people who hear about C beams have a simple question: “what’s the catch?” Because C beams are much lighter than wide flanged beams, it’s easy to assume that the C beams are not as strong or sturdy.

However, this simply isn’t the case. Being able to run materials through the wide holes in the beams means that you can stack beams for extra durability. And even individual beams benefit from an asymmetric design that provides a superior strength to weight ratio.

Furthermore, you can use deep C beams to make structural floors stiffer. This adds to the durability while also providing better vibration characteristics for the entire building.

When the dust clears, you are left with a sturdier, quieter building that cost less time and money to erect.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the many benefits that C beams have to offer. And you can start taking advantage of these benefits right away!

For your next construction project, it’s time to put away wide flanged beams and choose C beams for your next construction project. C Beams are here to completely revolutionize your every structural project from now on. Contact us today to speak with a sales engineer and get a quote.

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